Student who withdraw from the Driver Education Program prior to Day 5 are entitled to a prorated refund according to the following schedule:

Withdrawal prior to Day 1:

100% of fees returned

Withdrawal after the start of the program:

Your program is based on 13 classes of training, which includes 30 hours of classroom and 6 hours of BTW instruction. Your refund is based on program cost divided by 13 classes. If a student decided not to complete the program prior to Day 5, the refund would be based on the difference of the remaining classes not attended. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN AFTER DAY 5 of the scheduled program.

*Example: If a student attends 4 classes of training and decided not to complete the program, their refund would be based on the 9 remaining classes not attended.

The Driver Education Program cost $325 divided by 13 = $25 per class

Remaining classes not attended (9) x $25= $225

Refunds will be forwarded to the address of record within 15 days of the date that written notification of withdrawal is made.

**Exceptions: Student withdrawn from the program at the discretion of the school for behavioral reasons are NOT provided a refund.

***All refund requests must be in writing within 60 days of the last class attended.